Last week, I rewrote the launcher from the ground up rendering Lodestar: Stygian Skies truly and completely DRM free.


The previous launcher used an authentication system that required players to register an account with our server and purchase the game before playing. That is no longer. Last week, I wrote a new launcher that doesn’t require any authentication and provides an improved feature set.

The new launcher:

  • provides the player with an easy way to manage their mods (coming soon)
  • allows the player access to advanced launch parameters
  • acts as an output console for the game process

The new launcher has been woven into the build scripts and builds as both a .jar and .exe file.

Freeing the game from DRM is the right choice. Not only does this decision give our players more freedom to do what they want with what they buy from us, it allows us to easily leverage a wider array of distribution options.