Changelog for v0.0.773a.

I screwed with some stuff that broke the old save format, so you’ll have to nuke the saves folder under .lodestarss and make a new game. Combat is far from done, but I did leave in a test unit that wanders around its spawn point and will trigger an encounter if you get close to it. Right now you can only move around in an encounter and end your turn. Opposing units don’t have any AI, so they just sit there.


  • New attribute system
  • Undo Move command in unit action menu
  • Entity wrapper to provide common utility methods for units
  • Extra info to crash reporting
  • Network serialization support for EnumMap
  • Small engine logo for resolutions with width < 816 (800×600)


  • Redesigned the unit trainer API
  • Cleaned up the sprite color maps
  • Changed encounter camera to smoothly move between target units
  • Improved module loading speed


  • Old unit attribute system
  • Extra verification after movement selection in encounters